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Astrid Shaggy Rug


While Stock Last

 New Astrid range coming soon with new colours


100% Polyester & Polypropelene Frisee



May 2015


geldofrugs astrid beige


geldofrugs astrid choc

Design No: PCOOA - TRB77

Colour Code: Beige No. 1





Design No: PCOOA - TRR66

Colour Code: Choc No. 2




geldofrugs astrid red



Design No: PCOOA - TRR66

Colour Code: Red No. 3





geldofrugs astrid ivory


 geldofrugs astrid black

Design No: PCOOA - TRR77

Colour Code: Ivory No. 5





Design No: PCOOA - TRF66

Colour Code: Black No. 6




geldofrugs astrid mauve


 geldofrugs astrid tealblue

Design No: PCOOA - TRT66

Colour Code: Mauve No. 7



Design No: PCOOA - TRT77

Colour Code: TealBlue No. 8




geldofrugs astrid ivory closeup


 geldofrugs astrid brown closeup

Ivory - Close-up




 Choc - Close-up




Sizes Available:  80/150  120/160  160/230  *200/300


*(grey or beige only)